Course Description:

Who?  Anyone who is new to the Electronics Industry or if you would just like a quick 2-Day Refresher course.

What?  An immersive and comprehensive 5-Day Electronics Assembly course for the new operator.

When?  Choose from our 2Day or 5Day courses which are typically offered once a quarter to assess new hires/transfers, recent college graduates, or any operators who would like to spend time getting more practice, familiarity of techniques and strengthen their approach to projects in their field or in preparation of the J-STD Workmanship Testing.  Operators usually gravitate to 1 of the 3 subfields (Assembly, Rework/Repair or,  Wire Harness Assembly).

Where?  On-site at our Electronic Workmanship Standards Institute facility.  Our staff also gladly accommodates for safely and efficiently conducting class at your facility.  Please call to discuss pricing and availability.

Why?  Give your operators a chance to learn without the fear of failure at a Certification level. 

Recommended:  Manual dexterity, patience.  Highly recommended if you have little or no soldering background.


Included in this module:

    • Introduction and Assessment to Electronic Assembly (1-Day)
      • How to properly read a gauge and caliper (Standards International vs. Metric)
      • Color Code (Resistor Color Codes and Mil-Std 681)
      • How to read and operate a multi-meter (Continuity, Resistance, Temperature)
      • Safe Handling of Materials and Chemicals (ESD and Chemicals)
      • Identify Solder and common Characteristics (RMA, Water Soluble, Pb-Free, High Temperature)
      • Identify Fluxes and common Characteristics
      • Identify cleaners and proper handling procedures
      • Overview of tools and proper use and care
    • Thru-Hole Assembly and Preparation (1-Day)
      • Proper preparation of thru-hole components (axial vs. radial, strain relief)
      • Proper Installation and Polarity
        • proper bend radius, placement, protrusion
      • Component Identification and Reference Designations
        • Axial, Radial, Passive Components (Resistor, Capacitor), IC’s
      • Inspection Criteria
        • installation, vertical fill, recognize solder characteristics, polarity
    • Surface Mount Assembly (1-Day)
      • Component Identification (3-sided, 5-sided, SOT, SOIC, QFP etc.)
      • Proper preparation of SMD (Orientation, left-to-right, top-to-bottom, polarity)
      • Installation and Polarity (recognize and identify polarity markings/identifiers)
        • Placement, Orientation, left-to-right, top-to-bottom, polarity, overhang
      • Inspection Criteria
        • Excessive, Insufficient, bridging
    • Wire/Terminal Posts and Cable Assembly (1-Day)
      • Understanding a mechanical or fabrication drawing and/or schematic
      • Identifying wire
        • Insulation Material (Temp/Voltage rating)
        • AWG (Current Rating, strand count)
        • Stranded vs. Solid
      • Wire insulation removal
        • Mechanical, thermal, or chemical
      • Preparation (hook-up and RG)
        • Twisting, cutting, stripping, center conductor preparation, service loop, spot tie, serving, potting
      • Wiring
        • Hook, bi-furcated, pierced, turret, solder cup, cable assembly and routing
    • Rework (1-Day)
      • Rework and proper methods used when operating a de-soldering station
      • Rework and the proper preparation when using wick/bridging method
      • Destructive Rework and ensuring integrity of the board.
      • Modifications (cut trace, dead bug, isolate pins/pads)
      • Rework wire/cable assemblies (splices)
        • Lap solder, wrap, hook, mesh, solder splice

Course Materials:

IPC-A-610 Manual, Rev. G.


Supplemental Course Materials:

Please call (505) 293-3877 for inquiries on repair kits & tools

5-Day Specialized Certification Dates:  
June 26-30 (This class is FULL), July 17-21, Sept 25-29, Dec 11-15
Course Length:  5 days
Hours:  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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