EWS, Inc. was originally formed in 1993 by Lilia Ortega, who had been a project manager at Honeywell for over a decade, specializing in electronic assembly work in both printed circuit boards and cable assembly harnesses.

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Along with Lilia Ortega’s forty year mastery in building and reworking printed circuit boards and cables, she also obtained four (4) IPC Instructor certifications.  For over twenty-five years, Lilia Ortega has trained and certified thousands of personnel involved in the electronics industry. Lilia Ortega is one of only 3500 like-qualified IPC instructors, world-wide.

Lilia Ortega has achieved a reputation as a craftsperson in making electronic circuit board and cable assembly prototypes in the United States, and she now has her own school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to share that expertise.