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What is the difference between our “Solder (Hands-On)” and our “IPC-A-610 Solder Certification” Training Classes?

Our IPC-A-610 course is the official IPC-A-610 certification class; however, it also includes our own developed additional hands-on solder training segment.  It is a 4-day seminar, designed to combine the standard IPC-A-610 theories (Classes I, II, and III) with our practical hands-on soldering exercises.

The theories will be learned and reiterated immediately by the related hands-on practices.  We strongly feel that the hands-on soldering exercises are valuable as they reinforce the theoretical concepts and provide the students with an opportunity to test what they have studied.  Each passing student will be IPC-A-610 Certified and will be provided with a certificate stating such.

Any company that is pursuing ISO-9000 Certification should have all assemblers certified to IPC-A-610.

On the other hand, our “Hands-On Solder” training course is a 2-day class and is designed for individuals who assemble products, which are not required compliance with IPC-A-610 specifications.

This class covers the same basic soldering principles presented in our IPC-A-610 Certification class; however the emphasis will be placed on the actual hands-on soldering techniques in lieu of the textbook theoretical concepts, and the students will not receive the IPC-A-610 certification from this training session.

It is simply intended to introduce & to teach the assemblers, technicians, and engineers the new techniques & best practices of soldering.  You will leave this class with enhanced, correct soldering skills!

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